Short But Awesome

Short But Awesome

I know, you probably thought I was talking about Siri again.

Or maybe even about me.

But I’m talking about FEBRUARY!!!

Because in this short but awesome month, I have not one, but TWO incredible books to share with you.

And, I don’t want to brag or anything, but THEY BOTH RECEIVED STARRED REVIEWS IN PUBLISHERS WEEKLY!!!

Oh, look at that. I guess I did want to brag.

So, in order of publication date. We have:

PIVOT POINT by Kasie West

What can I tell you? This is Kasie’s debut and she’s going to blow you away, guys. I’ve read 5-count ’em 5- of Kasie’s books so far (ha ha Kasie’s editor if you’re reading this) and they are just amazing. But you don’t have to take just my word for it (although what the hell?? this is my blog so you totally should), but go ahead and google Kasie and see the amazing buzz she’s getting all over the blogosphere.

Or just go read this Publishers Weekly review. And ogle her cover. And just pre-order her book dammit. It’s coming out February 12.

Because otherwise when her next book comes out in July, you’re already going to be a step behind and I know you hate that.

You’re welcome.

And speaking of gorgeous covers, does it get more gorgeous than the MIND GAMES cover?? Yeah, I know.

MIND GAMES by Kiersten White.

All I can say is you thought you knew Kiersten White, but this is a new and totally crazy Kiersten. But in the awesomest sense of that phrase of course. Don’t even get me started on how many of Kiersten’s books I’ve read. So many, but they are all incredible and different. Kiersten doesn’t dial it in, folks.

This book is intense and powerful and really just so fabulous. You don’t want to miss it. Really, you don’t.

Even Publishers Weekly agreed.

And so convenient (for the theme of this post)–it’s also coming out in February!! That’s right, on February 19. This book can be in your hands. You, too, can stay awake at night with Fia.

Tap tap tap.

Let that be the sound of you ordering this book.

Right now.

Why are you still here???

Unless it’s to tell me in the comments that you’ve already read these books as ARCs and you can’t wait until you have finished copies in your hands.

If you find this post boring or containing too much shameless promotion, I confess that Siri wrote the whole thing. Our love affair continues. Watch this hilarious Siri video sent to me by the lovely Kim Sabatini.

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