What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

So I won’t get into all the backstory but basically I was wondering if I put up a new post every 3 months or so, can I really even call this a blog??

Does a rose called by any other name smell just as sweet?

Does it even matter what you call it?

Well, if you look at some of some of my emails, the answer is YES! At least if you’re talking about books (get it? I’m talking about titles).

And think about the times that we (authors, publishers, agents) paint ourselves into a corner by coming up with a brilliant title for book one, but then we’ve locked ourselves into a pattern of some kind for the rest of the series, trilogy, etc.

Whether it must have one word (hi, Paranormalcy!) or must start with the same letter (hi, Split Second, sequel to Pivot Point), or must have the word “fix” in the name (hello, ultimate fix-it girl Ciel Halligan), we can really end up in a fix.

Wait, IN A FIX!! Crap, that was the title for the first book.

The lovely Linda Grimes and I must have exchanged over a dozen emails with every phrase we could think of containing the word fix. I challenge you to come up with something new in the comments! This is for book 4, by the way.

In the meantime, have you seen the beautiful new cover redesign??? I mean, the gorgeous one for book 3 in this series, THE BIG FIX by Linda Grimes. I love this new cover. But man, I love this book!! I think it’s my favorite in the series so far.

It’s coming out in May and let me tell you, it is a-maz-ing. If you thought you loved Ciel (and Billy and Mark) before, this one is going to have you saying, “holy krakatoa*^ she did not just do that!!!!!” And you’re not even sure if you’re talking about Ciel or Linda! Or wait, maybe that was just me.

If you’re not familiar with this series (then um, why not???), you can start with book one, OR you can get an all new PRE-FIX (get it??) quickie intro to the series soon. Stay tuned for more info.

Now for the sad news. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure where I’m typing this post. In a cloud? Into a void? Maybe I should copy it quickly. My WordPress looks different today and I just started typing anyway. Last time I did that it was a disaster. Hang on a sec. Ok, just did a quick copy to Word just in case all my brilliant thoughts get erased. You know, I can’t just make this shit up twice. So I’m not sure if this is an update or if I’m going to post this on someone else’s blog. Although that would be kind of awesome, right?

But I feel like I’m back to beginner blogger skills (meaning no skills, when I sort of felt like I’d clawed my way up to a white belt with a yellow buckle (is that even a thing?? You know, for learning half the skills you need to move up? Must sign my kids up for karate to find out. Or ask someone, I guess.)) and I can’t even figure out how to link. This is probably a sure sign this post is going to end up in the great ether. Fuuuuuuck.

But in the meantime, for a chance to win an ARC of THE BIG FIX, hit me with your best FIX title in the comments. There may even be two winners. So get going!

Wait!! I think maybe I figured out how to link after all. Check out the cover.

BigFix final cover

HA! Go me!!! I figured out how to insert it. Didn’t even need to link. But just in case you need me to prove that I can, here it is, the reason for my posting paranoia, also known as the post that got eaten up by WordPress.

Okey doke, now that I have my blogging mojo back, I need a contest FIX! Yeah, that’s not winning any ARCs.

Annnnnd, go!

*If you actually say Holy Krakatoa when you read the book, can we agree that you should buy 10 additional copies and distribute them to your friends?

^I think we can also agree that Holy Krakatoa has become my actual signature phrase, as much as I wanted it to be shibumi. Although shibumi has its uses, it’s more of a, “that’s so shibumi” versus an exclamation of Holy Krakatoa!!! which is pretty fucking handy I have to say.

  • literarydalliance
    Posted at 09:56h, 26 February Reply

    Fixed messes
    Fixin’ to Rise
    To fix and run
    No escaping this fix

  • Kim Kimbrough
    Posted at 10:03h, 26 February Reply

    Obviously a play on my childhood. Yikes!

  • Steve C.
    Posted at 10:12h, 26 February Reply

    I keep telling my sister that it should be called the THE GREAT FIXBY. 🙂

    • Wolfson Literary
      Posted at 11:17h, 26 February Reply

      Wait, are you really Linda’s brother? Or Ciel’s?? Cause, um, you know Ciel is a character. (I totally whispered that last word in italics)

      • lindagrimes
        Posted at 11:50h, 26 February Reply

        LOL! Pssst … Steve really is my brother. And, yes, he has suggested THE GREAT FIXBY before. I’m hoping he’s not serious. 😉

  • Laura Rueckert (@LauraRueckert)
    Posted at 10:22h, 26 February Reply

    I love brainstorming titles! Here goes:
    Fixing to Die
    No Easy Fix
    I’ll Fix You
    Need a Fix
    Score a Fix
    Fix You Up
    Fix the Game
    Fixed on You
    A Good Fix
    Just a Little Fix
    Get A Fix On
    Fix It Good

    Good luck finding one!

  • Michelle I. Mason
    Posted at 10:25h, 26 February Reply


    You might already know this website, but I love it for brainstorming titles around particular words because you can insert the word and it pulls up a million phrases: http://www.onelook.com/

  • J Myers
    Posted at 13:55h, 26 February Reply

    Mr. Fix-It

  • Janet McConnaughey
    Posted at 00:52h, 27 February Reply

    Do we get to know anything about the book before thinking up fixish titles?
    At fixes and at fevens.
    The Fix is In
    A Fixed Grin
    Slow Gin Fix
    Leprechauns and Fixies (yes, I am ashamed of myself)
    Price Fixing
    Fix, Fax, Fox, um, Fum
    Oh, Fix
    The Fixed Stars (There should be an accent aigu over the “e” in “Fixed”)
    A Bad Fix
    An Accurate Fix
    Astronomical Fix
    A Deadly Fix (if illegal drugs are somehow involved)

  • Kim Kimbrough
    Posted at 13:33h, 27 February Reply

    Kim ;-)Sent from Yahoo Ma

  • denizb33
    Posted at 13:43h, 27 February Reply

    Idea Fix, or some other play on idee fixe or Idefix!
    Dial a Fix
    Tomorrow’s Fix
    Can’t Buy a Fix
    Big Girls Don’t/Do/Can Fix
    Send Me a Fix
    Caught in a Fix
    *still thinking*

  • Julie Weathers
    Posted at 13:54h, 27 February Reply

    A Fine Fix
    Fix Me If You Can

  • Rex Westen
    Posted at 12:30h, 28 February Reply

    The Fix Is In
    If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
    If It Ain’t Fixed…
    Jones’n For a Fix
    A Fix for Love
    All Fixed Up
    Chick’s Fix
    Fixing Perfect
    Fixing Mr. Perfect
    Fixed Income
    Fixed Assets
    Fixed Purpose
    Fix on One or the Other
    Foxing the Fixer

  • Wolfson Literary
    Posted at 10:14h, 02 March Reply

    OK, the winner of the contest is Janet for SLOW GIN FIX because that made me laugh, although I’m sorry to say that it seems highly unlikely that will be the final title.

    And runner up goes to Kim Kimbrough because your name is so in keeping with the theme of the post, assuming you’re not, you know, in jail or something for killing your parents for giving you that name.

    Janet and Kim, please email me with your address for an ARC of THE BIG FIX by Linda Grimes!

    Feel free to keep suggesting titles though, because we’re really in a fix (Wait, REALLY IN A FIX???)

  • Charley
    Posted at 11:34h, 10 March Reply

    Possibilities, if they fit the story, might be “Fixation” or “The Executrix Fix” or “Transfixion.”
    If there’s a match-maker involved and a school dance, “The Mixer Fixer.” Or possibly other ideas from a rhyming dictionary.

  • john freeman
    Posted at 19:52h, 07 March Reply

    Fixed…by the Vet
    Fixed and Dilated
    The Fix Is In (or Out)

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