Another year…

Another year…

Bet you thought it was going to be another year before I put up a post again, right??

Time flies when there’s a hurricane.

Ok, no hurricane jokes. Because this hurricane was no joke.

Hurricane Sandy hit way too close to home for me–literally–and I count myself as incredibly fortunate to have lost only power and water for four days. Furthermore, I have my sister and her family here in NYC who graciously put us up without a second thought (although she did warn me she’d be monitoring my #refuOMG hashtag on Twitter), and although I’ve discussed the event with my kids in an age appropriate manner, for all intents and purposes (please, please don’t make me do a post on for all intensive purposes), #refuOMG was a 4-day rockin’ sleepover party with their cousins.

However, even this small displacement, was incredibly unsettling for me and my heart goes out to the people who are still not in their homes, or worse, have no homes to go back to.

Anyway, some people way awesomer than I am including Joanne Levy and Kate Messner over at KidLit Cares have set up a whole auction to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

But I am proud to be participating in my own small way. Which basically means you donate money and I offer up my skills, such as they are. In this case, mainly talking.

I know.

It sounds too amazing to be true. But it is. You. Can talk. To me.

About anything you want!!!

Oh, also, I will read and critique the first 5 pages of your manuscript, you know, just so we have something to talk about in those first awkward moments.

So bid often and bid high.

Bidding is open NOW and closes at 10PM Eastern Standard Time on November 22.

I want to talk to YOU.

  • Susan A.
    Posted at 08:28h, 15 November Reply

    Glad you survived the hurricane. It really did hit up there hard and my heart goes out to all the victims. This is the one time I’m glad I live so far inland–at least until the tornadoes show up!

  • Aurelia Blue
    Posted at 09:16h, 16 November Reply

    It’s always admirable when community comes together after a disaster… living in such a tiny community, I’ve often wondered how individuals in large cities make individual contributions other than joining the huge efforts of groups like Red Cross or going to the shelters. These things are all important and everyone is needed for them, but in donating something personally and uniquely ours, we give a piece of our souls to the greater collectiveness of being human. I think it’s very admirable that you are giving your voice. It’s a wonderful voice and adds to the joy of the world. Good on ya.

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