Breaking News: Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely

Breaking News: Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband might be a little annoyed that I’m giving you this special gift, and he didn’t get one. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog. Wait, I think those two things might be connected.

Anyhoo, I’m here to tell you that this entire month, if you are an Audible member, you can pick up a copy of Lauren Blakely’s Lucky Suit for free! And let me tell you, it’s amazing! I love Lauren’s books in general (who doesn’t??) but this one had me laughing out loud the entire time. It’s a can’t miss.

So hop on over to Audible where it’s currently sitting in the NUMBER ONE SPOT. Yes, I said the #1 spot!!* Go, Lauren!



*#1 spot was at the time of posting. Sorry if that changes. But if you just go and click on that link there and get your copy, maybe you can help keep it there longer. Sheesh.