How lucky are you??

How lucky are you??

So I know it’s really important to know how to read (I mean, duh, how else would you read all the important news on my blog??), but it’s really important to know how to read.

Want to hear something funny? I mean, of course you do, since you’re still reading. If you didn’t want to hear it, you’d just click away to some other boring blog.

When I typed the “how” up there that I wanted to italicize, my whole body moved forward, like I could italicize it by sheer force of will. Clearly this is all part of my master plan with the universe where I think it and it happens. So far, it’s not working. Instead, I just probably looked like those kids who throw their bowling ball down the lane and then make shooing motions with their hands in a desperate attempt to keep it from going into the gutter.

Ok, fine, I do that too.

Anyway, believe it or not this actually is very vaguely related to my original point. Although I’m moving into dangerous territory since I’m pausing to copy and paste something below and risking forgetting all my original points. But can’t be helped.

Uh oh. It’s like two hours later now and I don’t know about you, but I have no fucking clue where I was going with that story above. I do really like bowling though.

I remembered!! I can’t believe it!! But the title of my post actually reminded me. Go me for actually making the title something relevant this time. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I wrote that title and thought that it’s annoying that WordPress doesn’t let me italicize in the title because you might not read the title correctly (grrrr, WordPress!) It’s not How lucky are you? It’s really, How lucky are you??

You know why?? Because I have another contest today!! So many contests this summer. How lucky are you??? Get it??

You know what, let’s just cut straight to the contest. So I guess now you can read it as: How lucky are you? Let’s find out.

SOOOO, Tawna Fenske has a new book out this week called Fiancee for Hire and it’s only $0.99 right now!! Also, I have to say that the heroine in this book completely cracks me up and maybe reminds me a teensy bit (read: a ton) of Tawna herself. So obviously that means this is a Must. Read.

One of my favorite scenes in this book takes place as Kelli and Mac are registering for their fake wedding at Williams Sonoma. Incidentally, this is also when I realized that Kelli is Tawna’s book twin. Although I think Tawna may be a better cook.

Anyway, I’m like a negative helper in the kitchen–I just make a bigger mess of everything–but I kind of have a secret love of all the gadgets, even though I have no idea what most of them are.

The Contest and Prize:

In Tawna Fenske’s Fiancee for Hire, veterinarian Kelli Landers wears a special necklace bearing a paw print charm and a freshwater pearl that belonged to her grandmother. Do you want to win a replica of it for your very own?

Tell me your most (least?? either works) favorite kitchen gadget in the comments.

My favorite is the automatic Pop Tart dispenser we installed during our #renoventing last year. It’s so awesome.


Get a copy of Fiancee for Hire!! Tell me kitchen gadgets!!

What are you waiting for?!?! GO!

Winner will be picked next week. I am the sole judge and will decide based on whatever I want. Only for the US. Sorry, foreigners! You can still tell me all about your gadgets. 🙂

Look, I put an emoji in! Shit, this is opening up a whole new can of worms. Ok, I actually only know how to do a smiley face and not true emojis or we’d be in real trouble.

Ok, I’m really done now. Go compete in this contest and buy Tawna’s book already!



  • Xandra James
    Posted at 11:44h, 25 July Reply

    I’m not one for gadgets, but I have a small cheese slicer that is just the smartest thing ever. Seriously makes me want to cut the cheese all the time. Wait…

  • Kara
    Posted at 11:55h, 25 July Reply

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my husband, who is my dishwasher.

  • Violet Ingram
    Posted at 12:38h, 25 July Reply

    I don’t have a lot of gadgets but I do love my microwave.

  • Nancy Parish
    Posted at 13:39h, 25 July Reply

    My favorite gadget has to be the can opener I have that looks like a shark. The teeth make up the opener

  • Kaitlin
    Posted at 13:58h, 25 July Reply

    I have an automatic cat caller. Worst invention ever. The cats come, true, but then all they do is howl at my feet and demand whatever is in my hand, which is often something I wanted to eat by myself.

  • Miss Snarky Pants
    Posted at 15:25h, 25 July Reply

    My refrigerator magnets are my favorite kitchen gadgets. Small and decorative, many offer sage advice, i.e. “Children are a blessing. You never know when you’ll need blood or a spare kidney.” Others express my political and/or religious views: “Gods don’t kill people. People with gods kill people.” Still, others give me the appearance of being well-traveled: “Why, yes, I did pick up the two blue hippos at the Met gift shop in New York. Do you have a pair, too?” One rubber, Disney frame holds a photo that proves I was once a size 4 long enough to pose for a shot on the beach with my future husband. Just long enough. However, my favorite is the pathetically ugly Statue of Liberty magnet that I bought at a random gift shop in Times Square and gave to my grandparents upon returning from my first visit to NYC. Somewhere beneath the years of dust that coat this green, plastic piece of crap that belongs in a landfill somewhere, is a layer a grime that originated in my grandmother’s condo. When she died, the magnet was returned to me and I’ve never had the heart to wash it.

  • Britni Patterson
    Posted at 11:36h, 28 July Reply

    In summer my favorite is the blender for making frozen limeade. Sometimes with tequila. In winter I’m about my crock pot

  • Kevin A. Lewis
    Posted at 15:13h, 28 July Reply

    Interesting stuff, luck…About the only safe generalization that applies is “Fortune favors the bold”, with exceptions for idiots who run off to the wilderness to pet grizzly bears. As it applies to YA, for every superstar agent/writer/editor team who posts a Divergent or Twilight on the bestseller scoreboard, there are a thousand nervous cheapskates who decided to stay home and wave sparklers rather than brave the noise and blast of a real fireworks show down at the fairgrounds. (To say nothing of that 10 dollar gate fee-brrrr…) As the old saying goes, you’ll never know if you never go… Oh, and a good garlic press, gotta have…

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