Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Yes, folks. Love is in the air.

Or maybe romance is in the air.

Or maybe that’s just the pollen count going up.

Whatever, I’m getting all sniffly thinking about first loves and great loves and the awesome answers to the contest to win one of Lauren Blakely’s books!!!

You forgot to enter? Hey, you snooze, you lose.

Also, you didn’t entertain me enough? Well, you lose too.

But hey, you have your love. So you should be all good.

But for 2 lucky winners, there’s a copy of one of Lauren’s books coming your way.

The runner up, and winner of CAUGHT UP IN US is none other than Hannah.

I mean, you probably saw that coming. Did you read her story??? That’s how I want to meet my husband one day!! Oh wait, I’m already married. Maybe in my next life. Tres cute, Hannah’s parents. Bet you never thought you’d win your daughter a romance novel, did you?

And the first place winner, for having a first love that is so near and dear to my own heart, is SemiSaneBeth. SSB, I could fall in love with you for your name alone. But your deep and abiding passion for coffee, well, there was just no way it could have been anyone else. SemiSaneBeth, you won a copy of PRETENDING HE’S MINE.*

So, I am currently in talks with Lauren because I have no idea how to gift an eBook.

Wait! This just in!

Apparently, if you email me your email address (although if you email me, I’ll just have it), and tell me if you use a kindle or a nook (or is there another option??) I will get you your copy.

See, I was trying to make it sound like I knew what I was doing and I was going to be the one doing the sending, but really, it will be from Lauren directly. How extra cool is that???

So basically, email me whatever information you think Lauren would need to know in order to send you the book in a format you can read, and let’s go from there.

Congrats to all you lovers out there, and if you didn’t win…sucks for you.

But hey, just go BUY a copy because these books are so awesome.

*Even though you are the grand prize winner, SemiSaneBeth, you won the novella, but that’s because I liked it just a tiny bit better than Caught (which was still awesome, mind you). This is actually shocking, by the way, since I am generally not a fan of short stories or novellas, so for me to have fallen SO in love with Pretending He’s Mine, well, what can I say?? That’s how good this one is. Go read it now, people!!!

  • semisanebeth
    Posted at 00:15h, 19 March Reply

    Ooo! I’m so excited! I’m going to go celebrate with coffee… oh, and I’ll invite my husband, too…

  • lanceschaubert
    Posted at 10:14h, 19 March Reply

    Can’t believe I missed out on this one. Oh well…

    • Wolfson Literary
      Posted at 09:04h, 20 March Reply

      Clearly you should be receiving my blog posts by email

      • lanceschaubert
        Posted at 10:20h, 20 March Reply

        Hahahaha, oh gosh.

        See, I have this dilemma. I love subscribing to blogs via WordPress, but I hate having them bog down my email. Then again, you don’t post all that often, so maybe I could go back to that.

        But I don’t even get all of MY blogs via email.

        Decisions… decisions….

      • lanceschaubert
        Posted at 14:22h, 11 April Reply

        I finally caved and subscribed on email too.

        In other news, if you like film noir, my friend and I created a novel-like experience told through words and black/white photos.

        It’s called Cold Brewed and substitutes all the drug culture slang for coffee culture slang.


  • Hannah
    Posted at 16:25h, 19 March Reply

    LMAO!!! I can’t wait to tell my mom (better yet, my DAD) their love won me a romance book. Heh. Awesome.

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