I think it, I tweet it

I think it, I tweet it

I think it, I tweet it. I think it, I tweet it.

That has been my M.O. for so long now, that it’s going to take some getting used to, this idea of blogging. That’s why I’m glad I put so much thought into this blog before I started it. I mean, 2 minutes of ehh, it feels so complicated, you’re right, you’re right, it’s brilliant, ok, I’ll do it. That’s a lot of thought, isn’t it?

The truth is, that’s how I make pretty much all the big decisions in my life. Um, except for you, wonderful clients. Mucho thought and strategizing goes into your lives and careers.

Mine? I think it, I do it. I think it, I do it.

It’s been a strategy that has led to 8 different jobs in 4 different industries since college. And technically, if you add in short-term jobs, that would bring the total up to 11 or maybe even 12 depending on how you counted.

I feel safe enough revealing this given that I’ve now spent 8 years (holy crap, 8 years??) as an agent, and this December will mark 4 years with my own agency, and I truly love what I do. So my spur of the moment decisions are more likely to involve getting on Twitter, like I did 2 years ago (wow, was it really 2 years ago??), or blogging, like I did yesterday (wow, was it really only yesterday??), rather than yet another career switch.

What was my point again? Oh right, I know. I have no idea what I’m going to post hereย or how often. But feel free to make suggestions. Otherwise, just go with the flow and we’ll see what I come up with.

See you next time.

  • bridgetstraub
    Posted at 18:04h, 31 October Reply

    Welcome to the land of blog. It’s kind of addicting, just like twitter. Personally I enjoy reading your thoughts all together like this, and can’t wait to hear your big news. Where will you first announce it, whatever it is? Here or twitter?

  • Linda G.
    Posted at 18:18h, 31 October Reply

    LOL! Well, whatever you’re doing for your clients works just fine, so don’t change that. And don’t you dare switch careers again now! You don’t want a Wolf Pack riot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kate Larkindale
    Posted at 18:20h, 31 October Reply

    That’s how I blog too…. So I have to hope my thoughts are interesting enough for other people read.

  • Melissa Alexander
    Posted at 18:33h, 31 October Reply

    I don’t think you need to feel pressure to blog. When you have a topic you want to explore, go for it. But don’t bog yourself down just because you think you have to meet some schedule.

  • Julie Butcher (@Julie_Butcher)
    Posted at 18:45h, 31 October Reply

    I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the BIG NEWS. *thinks* Yup, pretty sure. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Renee Collins
    Posted at 18:56h, 31 October Reply

    Well, your tweets always crack me up, so I can’t imagine you going wrong with blog posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ileandra Young
    Posted at 19:19h, 31 October Reply

    Blogging was a spur of the moment decision for me too and it took almost a year to settle into anything like a sensible schedule or pattern. Its fun though; I always enjoy it and I’m still looking forward to reading the ‘big news’ that partly drove you to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kimberly Sabatini
    Posted at 19:22h, 31 October Reply

    I love my bad-ass Tinkerbell Ninja agent! Blog on!

  • Michele Shaw
    Posted at 14:10h, 01 November Reply

    Hello, Michelle! Linda Grimes sent me over from her blog. I enjoy your tweets daily, and wanted to say welcome to blogging. Nothing wrong with thinking and doing, as our first thoughts are usually the best!

  • onechicklette
    Posted at 18:55h, 11 November Reply

    Congrats on four years on your own!

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